Implementing and Resource Partners

Thank you for visiting the ‘Partners’ page. ‘Teach The World’ is an independent project developed by Justin Miles which does not attract government funding. Although everyone on the TTW team donates their time entirely for free and everything is done as cost effectively as possible, the actual investment required to stage an initiative of this size with its global reach is quite significant.

The project would not be possible without the support of our ‘Partners’ as well as the people around the world who donate through our crowd funding page.

Every one of the companies working with us shares our vision and our passion of ‘education for all’ so we would appreciate it if you would support them for supporting us.

Karrimor SF

Karrimor SF – Resource Partner

Rokk Media

Rokk Media – Implementing Partner


Microsoft – Implementing Parner

Become an implementing partner

Implementing Partners are organisations and companies working with us to assist with the delivery of programmes and initiatives around the world.

Become a resource partner

Resource Partners are organisations and companies which contribute funds, equipment or other physical resources to support our work.