People are stepping up to support ‘Teach The World’ and our mission to raise awareness of the global education crisis by organising their own fundraising events. One of these people is Jan Rawlinson, the passionate presenter of ‘Classical Sounds 4U’ on Calon FM.

Jan interviewed Justin and Dean (Educate The World (UK)) about ‘Teach The World’ on her Wednesday evening show a few weeks ago. As the interview drew to a close Jan promised to support the project in any way that she could. We thought that would mean a few mentions through the show to direct traffic to the website, so we were more than a little surprised when she emailed the team yesterday to say that she’d signed up to participate in a death-defying zipwire decent to raise funds for us!

In April 2017 Jan will be launching herself from the top platform of ‘Velocity’, the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the entire world!

Jan is aiming to raise over £1,000 to help ‘Teach The World’ as she hurtles towards the bottom of the wire at speeds of over 100 miles per hour and she’ll be recording every second of her decent through an action camera just to prove that she did it!.

We want to make sure that Jan’s stomach-knotting, face-contorting stunt to be worth every second, so we’re asking, no ‘begging’ all of our supporters to make a small donation through Jan’s fundraising page here.

If you’d like to organise a fundraising event of your own to support ‘Teach The World’ then please tell us and we’ll do all that we can to help you make it happen!