Programmes and resources from ‘Teach The World’ are now online and accessible through the Microsoft Educator Community!

The entire ‘TTW’ initiative is based on the principles of engagement and interaction to encourage action so when we were looking for an implementation partner to help us to bring the project to life in classrooms around the world, Microsoft was the obvious choice.

Using the Microsoft platforms and software available, schools participating in TTW will be able to engage, interact, exchange resources and share their learning journeys with the world. Inside the Microsoft Educator Community teachers will be able to find out about using Sway to create and share projects, using One Note to share resources and build projects, access our Skype Classroom lessons and sessions, watch TTW videos, listen to podcasts, access resources and participate in competitions.

As well as offering a fantastic range of platforms, one of the reasons that we’re committed to working through the Microsoft Educator Community, a true global learning platform, is that it is entirely free for schools to access and use.

You can find out more about ‘Teach The World’ in the Microsoft Educator Community here