Next week, on 14 November, Leah K Stewart from the ‘Teach The World’ team will be presenting a session as part of the ‘Global Education Conference’.

During the live interactive session Leah and co-presenter Justin Miles will be discussing the ‘Teach The World’ initiative, Sustainable Development Goal 4 (relating to education provision), exploring barriers to education and discussing thoughts on how to create a state where universal education provision is a reality.

Presenting in English, the TTW team will be encouraging interaction from the audience to create a world-wide ‘think-tank’ of people from a variety of sectors for sharing ideas and suggesting solutions to break down the barriers to education, end the global education crisis and give every child, everywhere the opportunity to receive a quality education.

The session will go live at 20.00hrs GMT on 14th November 2016. For full details of how to join, view and participate in the session please join the ‘Teach The World’ mailing list here and details will be sent to you before the event.

Please join us, share your thoughts, ideas and opinions and help to make the event a success.