On September 15th the TTW team, lead by our own Leah K. Stewart,  hosted one of 65 virtual events for the 2nd Annual Global Collaboration Day. Ours was a 24-hour twitter slow chat asking teachers and their students around the world this simple, but deep question:

Collaboration Day

Teachers and students joined from across the UK, US, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Hungary, India, Japan, France, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, Argentina, Canada, Germany…

Click Here to See The Story We Created Together via This Global Collaboration Event!

In particular we’d like to mention Mrs Reiter who involved her entire class of 3rd graders in this TTW event by asking them “What ONE Positive do YOU Care Most About Creating in Our World?”

Collaboration Day Class

Each of her children’s replies inspired us to think hard about what’s really important now and what actions or steps can be taken today, tomorrow and the next day (however small) in order to keep up our progress towards a better world for everyone.

Mrs Reiter’s Student Replies and Her Reflections Are Here

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