The education programme ‘Inspire A Child’ is gathering momentum and changing the lives of young people around the world.

The programme, which began in Lagos, Nigeria, is a social impact initiative which connects educators, entrepreneurs, politicians and inspiring people from around the world with children in classrooms through various technology portals including Microsoft’s ‘Skype in the Classroom’. The purpose of the programme is to broaden the scope of classroom education, encompassing the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and provide motivational opportunities.

The ‘Inspire A Child’ programme is setting new standards in education provision world-wide and is capturing international attention through similar projects and programmes emulating their success. To support the exponential growth of the programme, to have a wider reaching and deeper positive impact, the team behind ‘Inspire A Child’ are now asking the international community for help.

In particular, the programme needs assistance from individuals, schools, businesses and organisations.

Volunteer time is desperately needed to assist the growth of the project. Volunteers may want to be involved with facilitating sessions or becoming a ‘guest speaker’ in participating schools, either in person or ‘virtually’ using the ‘Skype Classroom’ platform.

Volunteers may also be able to support the project if they have a particular and relevant skill set that they could share such as ‘digital literacy’, ‘programming and coding’, or ‘entrepreneurship’.

‘Mentors’ are invited to work with students, individually or in small groups, to provide additional support.

Promotion of the IAC programme is an important aspect of its growth, in terms of increasing the reach of the programme and securing support from volunteers, sponsors and companies getting involved with the programme though CSR activities (funding and volunteer hours). The simplest way to begin supporting IAC through social media is through their Twitter account, @ChildInspire 

Schools, colleges and universities are invited to partner the programme, increasing the impact of it’s work through a global audience.

Many organisations now have very clear ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ objectives connected with the UN Global Compact or Sustainable Development Goals. Getting involved with Inspire A Child gives the organisations a structured and safe way to have an immediate positive impact on several of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’

To find out more about the Inspire A Child programme and explore ways that you or your organisation can have a positive impact on children in education visit the FlipLearn Kids website or contact