We welcome Leah K Stewart to the Teach the World team and she is, or will very soon be, our first ‘TTW Champion’.

Leah was asked to join the team because of her very obvious passion for education, her commitment to making universal provision happen and her ‘can do’ attitude – to everything! Leah says;

Those who’ve experienced formal education will know how hard it is to bag the final 15% of marks on a school test. Well… creating a world where the right to education is held for our final 15% of children, in the most varying circumstances and remote locations, is no small dream and perhaps the most worthy test we now face.

I’ve joined ‘Teach the World’ to explore, with you, all the barriers to education that exist across the world; from students choosing to opt-out of institutions provided, to children outright denied access to schooling and everything inbetween.

Above all I’m curious and, if you are too, I’m looking forward to us sharing research, discoveries and hope over this important, global and interactive documentary project.

You can reach me with your stories, questions and insights by joining the newsletter and hitting reply to any of the emails I send. I’m also on twitter @LearntSchool

Beyond this I’m creating my own portfolio career which includes performance poetry and hosting an e-course on politics in education.

Leah K Stewart

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