Education is, in itself, a defence against radicalisation.

At it’s most elementary level, educating ‘at risk’ populations, the young in particular, affords an immediate and effective intervention against radicalisation, no matter which cause that ‘radicalisation’ happens to represent.

Beyond that elementary level of immediate intervention, education has long-term benefits against radicalisation, not only by dispelling the ‘myths’ and misinformation often communicated by extremists but by providing a tangible and sustainable future for young people.

Introducing or improving education programmes where no system currently exists provides an abundance of benefits,  from giving populations the opportunity to remove themselves from poverty by boosting economic growth, to improved health, to improving gender equality, to encouraging tolerances, removing division and fostering peace.

In 2014, TTW founder Justin Miles was fortunate to meet Sakena Yacoobi, a remarkable woman who worked tirelessly and relentlessly, often ignoring her own safety, to change the face education for boys and for girls in Afghanistan.

In this inspiring and moving TED Talk, Dr. Yacoobi tells her enthralling story of how she ‘stopped the Taliban from shutting down her school’ and made education happen.