The ‘Teach The World’ team are looking for expert writers to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences through the TTW blog pages.

We don’t want to work with just anybody; we want to work with real experts – however that expertise is defined – and thought-leaders who can add real value to the project, the people engaging with us and ultimately to our vision of giving every child, everywhere, the opportunity to go to school.


  • Firstly, we’re really selective about the content that we’ll publish.
  • The focus of the article must relate to education, in particular universal education provision.
  • The content must be your own work and copyright free.
  • Copyright free images which bear relevance and help to illustrate the article will be appreciated.
  • Academic or experience based articles are welcome.
  • Articles should be as concise as possible with an ‘upper guide’ of 1500 words.
  • All of the TTW team work for free so we don’t pay for articles. However, we will publish a very short self-supplied bio and include a link to your own website or blog and Twitter account.

Topic Ideas.

  • Exploring all or any of the barriers to education.
  • Teaching ‘Global Goals’ and ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (with particular reference to SDG4).
  • Experiences of using TTW in the classroom.
  • How you’ve used technology platforms such as ‘Google Hangouts’, ‘Facetime’, ‘Skype In The Classroom’ and the ‘Microsoft Educators Community’ to enrich your classroom experiences and create a sense of ‘global citizenship’.
  • Activity, resource and lesson ideas relating to the project.
  • First person case studies if you’ve lived or worked in environments which experience challenges and barriers to education.
  • If you work for, or have worked for or with an NGO working in the area of education provision (with relevant permission to share information)
  • Creative and innovative approaches to making education happen.
  • Your own thoughts on SDG4.

We welcome submissions of full finished articles or a brief synopsis. Please bear in mind that submitting a full article doesn’t automatically guarantee that it will be published.

For more information or to submit an article or idea please email us