Providing quality education is just one of the 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ which have been developed as a means of progressing the health, wealth and happiness of the human species whilst ensuring that we live in harmony with the wonderful planet that we live on.

You can find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals on the UN website here

‘Sustainability’ isn’t a short-term goal, it’s a word which should be at the centre of absolutely everything that we do – forever.

To make it happen, to make sure that the torch that we’re lighting now continues to burn through generation after generation it’s important that we educate young children, the adults of the future, right now.

TTW founder Justin Miles has recently supported the launch of a new book which aims to do exactly this; to educate, motive, inspire and empower young children, from the three years of age, to make sustainable choices. Catching children now could make a huge difference to how the human species lives in harmony with the planet.

The book is being launched through a Kickstarter campaign. Please go to the website for more informationĀ