This summer, 2017, explorer and adventurer Justin Miles will be kayaking the entire navigable length of Europe’s second longest river, the River Danube.

The mighty River Danube covers some three thousand kilometres, passing through ten countries and three capital cities. Mile upon mile of ever-changing scenery.

Justin’s kayaking adventure on the River Danube this summer will be used to connect with schools around the globe quite literally ‘bringing the world in to classrooms’, to raise awareness of the global education crisis by discussing and exploring various barriers to education throughout the journey and to raise money for UK-based charity ‘Education For Everyone’ which will then distribute funds to support carefully selected education projects around the world.

With approximately one month spent on the river, Justin will have plenty of time to create resources and discussion topics for schools, teachers and children of all ages to use and, when technology permits, Justin will connect and engage with classrooms whilst he’s actually on the adventure.

Throughout this adventure, we will be exploring and investigating some of the many barriers to education which resonate and overlap with created resources.

To stage the River Danube adventure and make it as engaging and interactive as possible, Justin is seeking help and support through a crowdfunding page which you can view by clicking this link. You, your school or your company can get involved in a number of ways, from sponsoring a day of rations, to becoming the main ‘headline’ sponsor, or simply by making a small donation.

More news to follow, but in the mean time you can follow @ExplorerJust on Twitter or find ExplorerJust on Instagram

You can find out a little more about the River Danube here