This summer explorer and adventurer Justin Miles will be kayaking the length of Europe’s second longest river, the Danube.

Throughout the c.3,000 kilometre journey Justin will be creating content and resources for schools to use and re-use; lesson prompts, ideas, conversation and discussion topics, images, video and written text. He will also be using a plethora of technology platforms to bring the world to life in classrooms, such as carrying a tracker with an online map showing his location, social media interaction, and interaction platforms such as ‘Skype in the Classroom’ from Microsoft (which forms part of their ‘Microsoft Educators Community’)

After his epic journey Justin will be available to speak with schools around the world using some of these same platforms, giving children the opportunity to ask the questions that they want to ask whilst giving teachers the opportunity to use his sessions and experiences as a tool to introduce new subject areas or to consolidate prior learning.

Dependant on conditions, time and other resources, the subject areas that may be explored could be

  • Using his own equipment to provide examples, Justin could explore ‘forces and materials’.
  • Hydroelectric dams currently placed on the River Danube produce vast amounts of electricity and, as the appetite for sustainable energy increases, so the number of hydroelectric installations along the river will grow. Justin will explore when possible actual production facilities on the Danube capturing content such images, video and written text.
  • With ‘sustainability’ high on the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals, Justin will also explore the sustainability of his own adventure, investigating areas such power provision from solar chargers and heat exchangers, water consumption and ‘carbon footprint’.
  • The River Danube is the centre-point of a vast drainage basin covering more than 801 thousand square kilometres and drawing water from 19 countries. As he paddles, Justin will talk about water, where it comes from, the water cycle and pollution.
  • Passing through the countries, the river Danube offers a tremendous opportunity to discuss subjects such as geographical borders, cultures and customs, languages, communication, and how the River Danube has played a primary role in the history of the region, from defining countries to creating trade opportunities.
  • Food and nutrition play an important role in Justin’s training and for the actual adventure, so Justin will be looking at how he eats, what he eats and how correct nutrition makes to the body function and perform.

Throughout the journey Justin will also be examining and discussing barriers to education, including how education works for waterborne populations, displacement due to flooding and other natural disasters and displacement and disruption due to conflict.

The ‘Doing the Danube’ adventure is more than just another adventure, it’s an opportunity for teachers and pupils to see what they want to see and ask the questions that they want to ask, so if you’re a teacher please use the contact form and tell us what would help you to bring the world to life in your classroom.

To make this project a success, Justin as asking for support through a crowdfunding page and he would really appreciate your support. You can find the page here.