‘Teach The World’ is entirely free for you, your school and your community to follow and take part in. There are no hidden charges. None. It is entirely free of fees and charges.

However, whilst everyone on the team gives their time to the project without cost and some of our resource partners and supporters donate resources to help us bring it to life, there is still an actual financial investment required to stage the project.

Thanks to our partners the project is actually now alive, but to really make it work, to really have a positive impact, we need more funds so we’re asking you to make a donation, no matter how small, through our crowdfunding page.

You could make a personal donation, or you could arrange a sponsored event or fundraiser through your class or school (and if you need any ideas for sponsored events and fundraisers then contact us and we’ll help you!)

Please don’t forget that any and all funds raised over and above the base costs of the project will be invested in to grass-roots education projects around the world, carefully placing the funds where they will have the most impact.

You can find our crowdfunding page right here so please click on the link and hep us to make education happen for every child, everywhere.