There are currently 58 to 59 million children without access to education.
Lets Teach The World
The ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ target for universal education provision is the year 2030.
Lets Teach The World
It could take the next fifteen years, or even longer, until every child, everywhere has access to education.
Lets Teach The World
The children that we engage and inspire today, will become the educators, the business people and the political leaders in the future who can make it happen.
Lets Teach The World

Let’s Teach The World

Through ‘Teach The World’ we are creating a living, interactive multi-media ‘documentary’ designed primarily for school audiences around the world. The children that we engage, inspire, motivate and empower now will be the business people, the educators and the political leaders of the future who can, and will, make universal education provision happen.

Justin Miles – Founder, Teach The World
speaking at a TEDx conference


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